Hello Everyone! This is my first shot in the blogging world and I’m told that having a great “About” page makes all the difference.  I thought that because I’m a lover of lists (but usually end up losing them) I would share a few things about me.

1. My Current X,Y, & Z Coordinates

I call Alberta my home but I grew up and spent a great deal of my life in Saskatchewan.  Most people groan when I tell them this but honestly growing up in a small city was actually great.  It meant less time commuting and more time with family/friends living life.  I grew up with a big backyard and was encouraged to spend time outside playing games with my friends.  The cold snowy winters meant more movie and hot chocolate nights cuddled up in blankets.

2. My Profession 

By training I am a pharmacist and while I have only been working for a few years I have learned that it is extremely important to love what you do.

3. I Love Television

I’m not ashamed to admit it, I love marathoning shows on Netflix.  Truthfully this may be the only marathon I partake in.   Some of my favorite TV shows include Gilmore Girls, Bones, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt & the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice.  Right now I’m watching Quantico and Riverdale, both of which I hope to blog about in the future — so stay tuned!

4. Sweet or Savory

I am a bit of a foodie, I love eating and trying new food!  Living in a larger city means I get to try many different restaurants and food types regularly.  Calgary is home to SO many great places — Notables, Niko’s, Yellow Door Bistro, and Cilantro to name a few.  More so than my love of food I have a love for dessert!  Especially chocolate dessert…yum!  Niko’s has the most amazing chocolate mousse — it’s absolutely heavenly.

5. Fun, Fun & more FUN!

Besides working and eating I love photography, travel & shopping.  Besides the regular selfies we all take (admit it you take them too) I mainly enjoy documenting beautiful places on earth, landscapes and scenes.  Watching the news is depressing, so I want to share some breathtaking places that can inspire peace and reflection.  Check out my Instagram page for more pictures —  https://www.instagram.com/trottingtraveller/

I hope you guys enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it.  I love feedback so please don’t hesitate to contact me or leave comments under my posts.


Trotting Traveller ♥