Food For Thought

Hello, Hello & welcome to Food For Thought.  I spend a great deal of time thinking about random things… like what if the Hokie Pokie is really what it’s all about?!  Okay, I promise I have more academic and meaningful thoughts as well.  In this section of my blog you’ll read about books I’ve read, movies I’ve seen, boutiques I’ve shopped at and restaurants I’ve eaten at.  Things to think about when you’re picking your next book or movie or dining destination.  I will keep the rants to a minimum, but I’m not afraid to say it like it is….if it’s terrible you’ll know and on the flip side, if it’s amazing you’ll know as well!  You’ll also notice that many of my posts will have something to do with coffee… I LOVE coffee.  My day seriously cannot start until I’ve had a cup… or two…or one hundred.

I bet I still have you thinking about the Hokie Pokie — don’t worry I’m positive that’s not what it’s all about!  Until next time — adventure, dream & explore!


Trotting Traveller ♥