Adventures Abroad

Hello!  I’m glad you’ve decided to join me in my adventures away from home.  I’m pretty much the type of person who needs a camera on me at all times, just to capture all the ridiculous and embarrassing things I do.  I’m sure I’d have enough material for my own reality show, or at least an appearance on Ellen!

While I’ve travelled to many places in the past, I’m going to write about places I’ve seen and been to more recently as well as any future trips.  So far you can read posts about:

  • Hawaii
  • Atlanta
  • Banff & Canmore
  • LA

I hope you have fun reading these, I try to be as candid about things as possible & everything I write about actually happened (no matter how hilarious it sounds).  I find life is the best teacher we can ever have and travel is one of the best ways to experience life (new cultures)!  If at any point something similar has happened to you feel free to comment, I’d love to hear your adventures too.  Until next time — adventure, dream, explore.


Trotting Traveller ♥